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About us

Live. Create. Tell the story. Repeat

Stories are a part of life that influence us from a tender age. From the bedtime stories that lay the foundation of our imagination to the stories that influence our lives, we are surrounded by stories.

When stories get motion, they become eternal in our memories. No wonder Ravana with 10 heads, Gabbar Singh with the belt and much more are fresh in our memories.

What do we do

There are various ways of storytelling that cater to all kinds of viewers and we embrace all them

A journey to the memory lane wherein the facts and figures stand in support for the credibility of the story.

web series

Who would not have read the Harry Potter series? Some stories are meant to eternalize a genre. In the current digital world, web series give you that platform to enthrall the audience for seasons to come.

Corporate films

A Corporate film is a way to memoir the journey to show gratitude to the people who stood by, learn from the mistakes done, celebrate the achievements and last but not the least, lay the path ahead.

AD films

An AD film is that magic wand that speaks what your product/service is about and what makes it stand apart.

short films

Short stories give you a learning for life in a short span. Short films are undoubtedly the best ways to satisfy your creative heart and sharpen your technical mind.

Feature films

If filmmaking is a journey, to make a feature film is every storyteller's ultimate destination. The silver screen has been a popular medium of narrating stories since ages.

Brand films

A brand film is an audio-visual record that highlights and celebrates the brand's value as a whole.

Digital Stories

In the current digital era, brands have taken the storytelling path to increase their brand recall value. Digital stories are a great way of reaching wide audience with an impact

What makes us unique?


Stories are purely for entertainment, but we bring stories that make you think


We narrate stories in a way that make you feel every emotion


We elevate your minds to a zone wherein our stories give wings to your imagination


Last but not the least, we bring in those stories that make you believe THEM

How do we do?


Ideas are fluid and they keep floating. Thus, we constantly churn and look out for those stories that can stir your soul, soothe your eyes and ignite your minds.


Once these stories are identified, we complement it with the required elements that make them a visual treat.


Once the story is set in motion, it becomes imperative to take it into masses. That's when we realize whether that story has managed to intrigue or entertain the viewers.

Some of our projects

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